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The Principles
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The Principles We Follow


The Nakayamakai is distinguished by the following Ten Principles:

1. The root of all Aikido is swordwork [「剣じゃ なけらば;合[氣じゃ ない」, "Ken janakeraba, Aiki ja nai"]

2. The Four Points: extend Ki; weight underside; keep One Point; relax dynamically

3. The priority of Ki [氣] over muscle [体力], of kokyu ryoku [呼吸力], and "no more than four ounces" (a symbolic number) of force may be used

4. No fees may be charged, though contributions to defray expenses such as rent may be suggested; instructors may never under any circumstances make their living from teaching this Way (We have no professional instructors)

5. No signs of rank may be employed (Our only recognition or promotion is by a series of licences [免許, menkyo])

6. No permanent damage may be done although momentary pain may occur; since shite[為手] is responsible for for uke's[受け] well being, no uncontrolled projections are permitted

7. Fighting inside or outside the dojo is strictly forbidden

8. We do not criticize other traditions

9. Anger has no place at all in our life ("The angry swordsman is the dead swordsman"「怒った剣士は死んでいる剣士だ」"Okotta kenshi wa shindeiru kenshi da." )

10 The goal is Aikisho [合気 勝] ("Aiki victory") which is Masakatsu Agatsu [正勝吾勝] ("the right victory is victory over oneself"). This may also be thought of as 修改, shukai, "personal reformation". The method is kirihaku [切魄], "pruning one's own soul" by the austere discipline [修行, shugyo] of practice.